Game review: Balloon – rules and features

Game review: Balloon – rules and features

Balloon game – the perfect choice for drivers, cyclists, and entertainers who know how to inflate tires and balloons. Your income depends on your ability to master air inflation. Plus, there's an opportunity for those with nerves of steel to earn some extra cash.
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In 2019, SmartSoft introduced the world to a game that quickly spread across Asia. Ballon instantly became a favorite among gamblers in the CIS countries as well. Its straightforward gameplay and vibrant storyline offer users an effortless way to earn money without straining their minds. 

The main task for players is to inflate a balloon for rewards, increasing the overall chance of hitting the jackpot. With each action, the final multiplier rises and can exceed the initial bet by thousands of times. You control a helium valve, and it’s crucial to know when to release it in time. If the balloon bursts, you lose everything you’ve accumulated. The slot’s graphics are extremely simple, ensuring there are no distractions or complications during gameplay.

Bright design and memorable graphicsGameplay might be too simple with no additional earning opportunities
Simple game mechanics, no extra skills requiredRelies on psychology and human weaknesses
Ability to adjust bets within a wide range
RTP around 96%

Balloon mobile app review

To play online from your smartphone, simply install any casino app. Then log in, choose a slot machine from the list, and start your journey to glory. There’s no need to download anything else onto your personal device from the Internet. Playing on a computer is even easier – just visit the website and select the slot.

Balloon slot machine: rules and features

To learn how to play Balloon, the casino won’t require much of your time. The strategy for this slot machine doesn’t depend on luck or collecting winning combinations. Here, everything depends on your willingness to take risks. It’s important to keep a cool head and have good self-control, especially when placing higher bets – knowing when to stop is crucial. The principle of the game can be described in a few steps: 

  • Launch the app.
  • Set the standard bet size in the range of 0.1-10 euros.
  • The purple button is used for inflating the balloon.
  • A balloon is displayed on the screen, and as its volume increases, so does the multiplier of the prize fund, depending on the initial bet. 
  • The most crucial point is making the right and timely decision on when to stop inflating the balloon. To do this, you need to release the purple button. If you fail to do so in time, the balloon will burst along with your bet. However, even in such a situation, players always feel like they rushed and could have won a bigger prize.

The Baloon slot key features

The secrets of the game Balloon are like Schrödinger’s cat – they definitely exist and there are many of them. Moreover, many experts try to decipher them, but often they remain theoretical. Representatives from Smartsoft Gaming keep the characteristics of the simulator under wraps. It is known that there are three main parameters of the slot machine: 

  • Maximum prize. Analyzing player reviews reveals that the game can multiply the final bank by up to 1000 times the initial bet. However, there are cases when users have managed to win even more substantial amounts. Therefore, the exact limit remains unknown. 
  • Volatility. This parameter is also not publicly available. Therefore, the risk level for players remains unknown, although it is approximately in line with similar games and can be considered medium.
  • Hit Frequency – this refers to the “generosity” of a slot machine. For example, with a 25% hit frequency, it is known that the program is designed to produce a win on every fourth bet. However, developers do not reveal this parameter either.

The Balloon game is characterized by its element of unpredictability, which can often be intimidating. However, its many years on the market and hundreds of enthusiastic reviews speak for themselves. Many top casinos have added this slot to their rotation. Clearly, the machine operates with well-balanced mechanics.

The Balloon casino game symbols

Each symbol in the game carries a specific meaning, acting as just one note in the music of this slot machine. The main elements are represented by balloons of various sizes and colors, that differ from each other in profitability. Among the special symbols are:

  • Traditional Wild. It can be used to form winning combinations by substituting symbols that don’t logically fit. .
  • Scatter – adds bonus free spins and rounds, increasing the likelihood of boosting the prize pool. 
  • Bonus – a symbol a symbol that opens access to additional rounds with new prizes. .

By using the listed options, a player’s chances of winning in Balloon significantly increase.

How to play Balloon

Before you start playing, you need to choose one of the casinos that offer access to this slot. To do this, it is necessary to consider: 

  • Does it have a license? 
  • Is it official and does it have good reviews? .
  • Are bonuses offered, especially upon registration and for newcomers?
  • How quickly are payments processed? 

Once you’ve chosen a casino, visit your personal account and fund your balance. You can also download the platform’s app since websites are sometimes blocked, but having the software on your computer or smartphone will allow you to continue playing. This eliminates the need to use VPN services and mirrors. 

When you have access to Balloon, the casino will let you set your betting limits. It’s better to start with minimum stakes. This won’t earn you a lot immediately, but losses won’t be significant in case of a mishap. If you’re already experienced, you can move on to larger amounts.

Balloon Demo Version

To avoid losing money from the very first days of playing, you can practice with a trial version of the game. Balloon casino offers this mode to help you gain experience without risk. This helps you learn the gameplay and test various strategies. You can also find the optimal betting mode so that the odds don’t eliminate your chances of hitting the jackpot. But remember, you shouldn’t lose more money than you’re comfortable with.

The Balloon game strategies

Experienced players advise against investing large sums in slot machines right away. First, you need to learn and gain experience. Also, don’t inflate the balloon to its maximum. Be content with small wins; bigger success will follow. Withdraw your money immediately because if you fully immerse yourself in the game, you might end up empty-handed. Let’s also highlight other unwritten rules of slot machines: 

  • Gradual doubling of bets. The process of exponential increase continues until a successful result is achieved. This helps to recover the money and start over. 
  • Stable bets when doubling in case of a win. When losing, the player continues to double their stakes. 
  • Tripling the pot. The bet is tripled immediately after a win. This allows for an increase in the bankroll by the end of the round. 
  • Gradual bet increase. Raise your bet by one unit after each loss. Decrease it after a big win. 
  • The Fibonacci sequence. Start with the minimum bets. Increases occur only with successful results. This allows for an increase in the bankroll size. 
  • Cancellation system. When you lose, the bet increases.  

And don’t forget the rules of composure. Never risk everything you have and never make decisions based on emotions.

The bonus Balloon game

Balloon is a game that does not offer bonuses. Thanks to its simple mechanics, the outcome depends solely on your actions. Therefore, popular rewards like jackpots or free spins are not relevant here.


To summarize the Balloon game: you don’t need to download special software to try this slot machine. The entire process takes place in an online casino.

Now, when you know the intricacies of this slot machines, you should adhere to the basic principles of responsible gaming. Manage your bankroll carefully to avoid losing everything by following your emotions.

FAQ: Balloon

What is the Balloon slot machine like?

The essence of the game is to press the balloon inflating button in a timely manner so that it doesn’t burst. The player’s earnings depend on how quickly their nerves react. 

Thanks to the Balloon slot machine, the casino allows you to earn not just based on luck. In this game, patience and choosing the right strategy play a crucial role. The simplicity of its mechanics doesn’t motivate long-term play. However, many will enjoy this type of gameplay experience. Therefore, once tried, players are sure to want to test their luck again.

Can I play Balloon on mobile devices?

There isn’t a standalone app for the game, so you need to use online casinos. Access is equally possible from both computers and mobile devices. Modern gambling sites are adapted for any gadget.

What is the minimum and maximum bet amount in Balloon?

The minimum and maximum bets are set by each specific site. Check the casino’s homepage for details. The amount of winnings can exceed the bet size by 1000 times.

How volatile is the Balloon game?

The volatility of the game is quite high. According to gamblers’ calculations, the RTP rate stands at 96%, which aligns with the spirit of the gambling market.

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