The Dog House slot review: rules and features

The Dog House slot review: rules and features

The Dog House Megaways slot machine grabs your attention from the first moment of use. At first glance, it may seem somewhat casual. The cute, sometimes naive dogs are funny and eye-catching. They resemble familiar children's games that carry no meaningful load. However, upon closer inspection, you'll notice that this slot is actually quite interesting.
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The Dog House Megaways slot review

The Dog House Megaways, a game wildly popular among gamblers, receives a significant increase in popularity among users year after year. Comprising 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 payout lines, this video slot made its debut in 2018. It’s the brainchild of specialists from Pragmatic Play. 

The main theme of the Dog House Megaways slot is domestic pets, with dogs taking center stage. The key characters in The Dog House casino are a pup named Rover and his four-legged friends. Their adventures take on a combined nature and can occur both within the yard’s confines as well as directly inside the doghouse itself. What sets The Dog House slot apart from similar machines is its bright, cute, and slightly cartoonish-naive graphics that grab your attention within the first few seconds. Characters are detailed and color palette is soft and unobtrusive. Using the Dog House Megaways slot does not cause discomfort, eye strain or dizziness.

option to multiply “Wild” symbols with specified multipliers in the main gamemay seem complex, confusing, and unpredictable for some players
predicted free spins giving “wild” symbols with multipliersno risk of play and no jackpot
possible to receive a maximum win equal to x6750 of the player’s current betsmall multipliers even in cases of combinations of 4 or more symbols

The Dog House mobile app review

There isn’t a specific app for this game. However, you can install the casino application which is easily found on their official website. You’ll need to register or enter your current username and password. The mobile application doesn’t differ from the standard version of the game – its interface matches perfectly with conventional mechanics. The app is available for download and installation on both Android and Apple platforms.

The Dog House slots: rules and features

The rules in the Dog House Megaways demo, just like in the standard version of the game, are simple – all you need to do is spin the reel and place your bets. Each spin brings gamblers a variety of combinations, bonus games or leaves them empty-handed. Thanks to its simplicity, this slot machine is perfectly suited for both beginners and more experienced gamers.

The Dog House Megaways slot key features

The main characteristics of this game include:

  1. Developer – Pragmatic Play.
  2. Release year – 2018.
  3. Type of slots – video.
  4. Number of reels – 5.
  5. Number of paylines – 25.
  6. RTP – 96,53%.
  7. Volatility – medium.

The minimum acceptable bet is 0.25 dollars, while the maximum can reach up to 125 dollars.

The Dog House Megaways slot symbols

The game’s mechanics is relatively simple and work as follows. The player the Dog House Megaways automatically triggers the spinning of reels. After that, all they have to do is wait for winning combinations to line up across all 25 lines. These are hard not to notice or miss out on. In The Dog House, winning combinations consist of symbols featuring images of kittens, puppies, birds, bones or dog houses. 

At the same time, The Dog House uses the following types of symbols:

  • Rover, the dog, or as it’s also known, the Wild symbol – helps to replace other available symbols in the combinations that appear;
  • Scatter – having three of this symbol gives you the opportunity to launch a special bonus game in the Dog House Megaways slot;
  • respins – using this feature allows you to activate a re-spin of the reels, but without placing a bet;
  • the Dog House bonus game – launch spins in the Dog House Megaways for multiplied winnings.

Thus, the gambler gets a plethora of opportunities to win real money online without using  special mathematical or analytical calculations. Additionally, the game features symbols such as rottweiler, bolognese dog, bulldog, dachshund, collar, bone and playing cards like Queen, King, Ace, Ten and Joker. Each one carries its own stake and winning odds.

How to play the Dog House

Playing The Dog House Megaways demo or for real money is quite simple. All you need to do is follow a series of steps that will lead you to the desired outcome. To understand the game strategy, perform the following operations: 

  1. Make your bet. Place your bet. To do this, click on the “+” or “-” buttons located right next to the launch in the menu. 
  2. Change the denomination of coins (if necessary).
  3. Select your bet size from the current range of 0.2 to 100 units, equivalent to the game’s active currency. 
  4. Spin the Reels: Start the reels and observe the combinations that appear.

In case a valid combination is formed due to symbol drops in the Dog House Megaways demo, the gamer will receive a winning sum. At this point, there are no special rounds for doubling the received jackpot. 

Option: If needed, select the “Auto-Play” mode, which allows the reels to spin automatically. This mode is available for 10 to 1000 spins. If the bonus game does not appear, and you’re eager to play it, the player can purchase. It’s quite expensive – 100 times your current bet in the Dog House Megaways demo. However, it is uncertain whether this investment will be justified or result in losses.

The Dog Houses slot demo

The Dog House Megaways demo has the same mechanics as the standard version of the game. It is suitable for players who do not want to immediately start betting with real money and instead want to familiarize themselves with the game’s specifics. The Dog House demo is an excellent opportunity to navigate through any potential pitfalls of the slot, discover its advantages, and develop a winning strategy that suits your style of play.

The Dog House game strategy

At its core, The Dog House Megaways demo or regular version is a standard casino slot machine that should not be considered a primary means of income. First and foremost, it is a form of entertainment that requires responsible and rational approach.

The game strategy is quite simple. It can help multiply your bankroll several times over. However, all manipulations and bets must be thoughtful and logically justified. Two options are up for consideration: 

  • Playing for high stakes. Allow up to 20 repetitions, then take a break to allow the slot to warm up and potentially yield a maximum bonus.
  • A long session followed by the purchase of free spins. It requires significant financial investment, however, it can potentially yield a substantial payoff in the future. 

Another popular strategy among gamblers is to increase the bet after a series of prolonged losses. However, this method is more risky.

The Dog House Megaways bonus game

There’s only one type of bonus available, which is unlocked in the main game. It’s called “Dog House” and involves the appearance of a “wild” symbol with a specified multiplier. It appears in the Dog House casino free spins bonus round and takes on the form of a dog house. A special multiplier value of x2 or x3 will be added to each such symbol that falls for the player during gaming. The player is given about 10 free spins, using which all winnings received will increase by 5 times. In case more than one ‘Wild’ symbol with a specified multiplier drops out, they become part of an ultra-winning combination together – multiplying each other up to an impressive x9 value.


One of the most significant advantages of The Dog House casino is its diverse gameplay, vibrancy, and colorfulness. Players can achieve truly high payouts not only during bonus games but also by simply spinning the reel. Excellent musical accompaniment, engaging and thoughtful graphics, mechanics – all these attract gamblers. As a result, this slot receives numerous enthusiastic reviews.

FAQ: The Dog House

What is the Dog House game like?

The Dog House slot machine is a game where the main characters are various breeds of domestic dogs that live in doghouses and the surrounding area.

Can I play the Dog House on mobile devices?

Yes. Pragmatic Play has ensured that you can play the Dog House and the Dog House demo on smartphones. They have thoroughly optimized all processes for mobile play.

What is the minimum and maximum bet amount in the Dog House?

The minimum bet you can place in the slot is $0.25, while the maximum bet goes up to $125.

How volatile is the Dog House Megaways game?

The Dog House has a medium level of volatility.

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