Razor Shark online game review: rules and features

Razor Shark online game review: rules and features

Razor Shark is a popular online video slot that is highly attractive to millions of users. It was created and released by Push Gaming in 2019. With more than 20 different paylines, an interesting bonus game, and beneficial maximum winnings, the slot has gained popularity among gamblers.
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Razor Shark game review

Razor Shark slot features a wildly unpredictable gameplay that is hard to track and predict, so players need to stay alert. The main game is played on a 5×5 grid, with the minimum bet starting at $0.25. Despite the simple interface, players can expect many surprises and adventures. Interesting additions, cash bonuses in gold coins, and a substantial number of free spins – this is far from a complete list.

The slot’s theme revolves around the ocean’s depths, inhabited by seemingly cute and friendly sharks of all types. To survive after meeting with them, players will need special diving equipment. Эстетически в Razor Shark продумано все. The aesthetics of Razor Shark are well thought out, with detailed and colorful renderings of shells, seaweed, rocks, and mollusks.

built-in Razor Reveal option with a multiplier up to 2500 availablemay pose significant risks for individuals who are unsure of their abilities and skills
well-designed free spins with Nudging Mystery Stacks
well-designed free spins with nudging Mystery Stacks
maximum possible win can exceed the bet by 85000 times

Razor Shark 2 mobile app review

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated app for this game. However, users can play directly in the mobile version of the Razor Shark online casino, which can be accessed through a browser. Alternatively, you can download a Razor Shark casino app on your phone or tablet, available for free. A relevant link can also be obtained from chat support staff on the official website.

Razor Shark slots: rules and features

There are no specific rules; the slot operates like thousands of others. Players simply place bets, spin the reels, and enjoy the bonuses. The key features of the slot are considered to be the presence of a unique symbol – the so-called Scatter. It symbolizes a sea mine. When three such symbols appear, a bonus round is triggered, and mysterious stacks open on the 2nd and 4th reels. These stacks shift down one section with each free spin until they disappear.

Another feature is the orange shark, which can yield significant winnings by activating razors. Simultaneously, the image starts changing its position. The player can receive 1x to 2500x their original bet.

The Razor Shark free slot key features

Key characteristics of the slot include:

  • 20 paylines and 5 reels;
  • bet size adjustments that only affect the winnings amount;
  • no risk game;
  • convenient and profitable respins.

A maximum multiplier increases the bet up to 50,000 times. Bonuses work as free spins with the Nudge and Reveal Re-spins system. Other interesting features include the razor symbol with an active multiplier up to 2500x.

The Razor Shark  game symbols

During the game, players should remember that the reels are underwater. The most profitable and valuable symbol is the wild (Wild) shark. There are a total of 4 shark images that provide a good bonus when combined. Less profitable are the symbols depicting various diving equipment. To win, a payline must have 3 to 5 matching images. The following symbol variants can appear in this slot:

  • wild shark – pays 50x for 5 if it appears on a payline;
  • orange shark – pays 25x for 5;
  • purple shark – gives the player 20x for 5 if they appear on a payline;
  • blue shark – 7.5x for 5.

Additionally, the player can encounter symbols such as an underwater camera, which pays 2.5x for 5, a diving mask, swim fins, or diving tanks. All of these pay 2.5x for 5 on a payline.

How to play Razor Shark

To play the game in real-time, follow these steps:

  • register on the official website;
  • create a unique login and password;
  • complete the verification process to deposit and withdraw winnings;
  • select the slot, get to know its mechanics;
  • place bets, adjust settings, and spin the reels.

Thanks to the clear sequence, you will not only understand the general specifics of the game but also achieve the desired result without significant losses and failures.

The Razor Shark demo version

For those who are afraid to start with real money and do not want to lose their investments, there is the Razor Shark demo. It is identical to the standard version, with the only difference being that all spins are free and use play money instead of real currency. In this simple way, new and experienced gamblers can hone their skills, improve their abilities in certain areas, and test new strategies and models in the Razor Shark demo to hit the jackpot.

The Razor Shark game strategy

The strategy is similar to those used in other standard slots. Thus, you can spin the reels manually until the first win, or to speed up the gameplay, enable turbo mode in the settings. All automatic spins can be adjusted to suit your needs. The following options are available:

  • choosing the number of spins from 1 to 100;
  • setting a series of losses (5-100);
  • stopping the spins and the game upon reaching a win (10-100).

To achieve the desired outcome, we strongly recommend not neglecting and ignoring the available settings. These options allow the gambler to analyze the slot’s potential returns in more detail. Performing at least 100 spins in both the Razor Shark 2 demo and real-money versions is advised to fully understand the mechanics.

Razor Shark Bonus Game

The online-slot has a special bonus level called Mystery Stacks, which are seaweed stacks that appear on the reels. At the end, symbols that have matched will light up in the stack. Each of them will help you achieve stunning wins.

Interesting! All symbols on the seaweed stacks start moving and shifting across the reels with each subsequent spin. At the end, they reveal the hidden symbol, that was previously kept secret. If lucky, the stacks can reveal the golden shark symbol, awarding a prize 1-2500 times the player’s bet (depending on the specified equivalent).For the player’s convenience, there is also an intriguing round with free spins. It automatically triggers when three or more bonus symbols appear on the reels. During the round, new mysterious symbols will appear. As soon as the player opens the symbol that appears, the active multiplier will increase. Such situation will remain active as long as the bonus spins continue, and there is no limit. Therefore, the multiplier can rise as high as desired, which will subsequently impact the winnings of 2500 times the initial bet made by the gamer.


Summarizing everything mentioned above, it can be concluded that Razor Shark is an interesting, vibrant animated game that unfolds with each subsequent use. However, it is not for everyone, as it requires patience and mental balance throughout the entire gambling period. The well-designed free spins, a massive bonus exceeding the bet by 85000 times, makes the game extremely enticing for both beginners and experienced gamers. After all, it is a good opportunity not only to relax but also to earn real money. User reviews posted on the official website speak for themselves.

FAQ: Razor Shark

What is the Razor Shark slot machine like?

It is an online video slot with 4-5 game fields and 20 winning lines.

Can I play Razor Shark on mobile devices?

Yes, absolutely. The slot machines are fully compatible with smartphones, tablets, and work on various operating systems: Windows, iOS, Android, or macOS.

What is the minimum and maximum bet amount in Razor Shark?

The minimum bet amount is $0.1, and the maximum is $100.

How volatile is the Razor Shark game?

The game belongs to the category of highly volatile games.

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