Big Bamboo review: rules and features

Big Bamboo review: rules and features

Big Bamboo casino is a modern slot game that allows you to earn a significant income by using the right strategy and luck. The numerous Big Bamboo demo bonuses and multipliers increase the player's chances of winning big.
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Big Bamboo game review

The game Big Bamboo from Push Gaming is built on a complex mathematical mechanism, yet it’s presented in the simplest way possible for users. The 5×6 gaming grid contains an array of valuable “animal” cards located in the jungle, as well as more affordable symbols. 

Thanks to the stacked symbols, winnings are accumulated, and the Golden Bamboo feature unlocks access to multipliers that can build up to 5000x. They gradually increase by adding new multipliers. They gradually increase as new multipliers are added, so the final amount could potentially grow fifty thousand times over. In the bonus round, you can also get additional Mystery Bamboos. Here, low-value symbols assist players in achieving this feat. Ultimately, your potential winning multiplier could be as high as 1 to 21 million.

A unique game with a many bonuses.Reviews of the game criticize the Risk feature. It often spells disaster for a successful round. 
An option to purchase a bonus attempt. Low RTP rate. The return probability range of 88-96.13% falls short compared to some competitors. 
Maximum multiplier of x50000 from the initial bet. 
Vibrant design, enjoyable musical accompaniment. 

Big Bamboo mobile app review

The Big Bamboo slot is available for gadget owners, offering its fans additional flexibility. Regardless of the gambler’s location, they can immerse themselves in a tropical forest filled with thrilling combinations. The mobile version also boasts high-quality design and sound, maintaining the casino atmosphere. The availability of this slot on gadgets is perfect for busy individuals who are ready to allocate strictly fixed time for entertainment.

The Big Bamboo slot machine: rules and features

The developer, Push Gaming, has thought through every detail of their product. That’s why when you enter the Big Bamboo casino, it informs the player about all the game features. The user sets the bet size only after confirming that important information has been read.

Note the average return on investment for the player, which is 96.13%. At the same time, the slot mechanics allow you to increase your initial bet up to 50 thousand times. This is facilitated by a flexible, multi-level system of the Big Bamboo demo bonus spins. But even at the initial bonus level, there are chances to increase the invested money several times.

The Big Bamboo slot key features

New players should test their skills with the product’s demo version. The Big Bamboo demo allows you to explore the machine’s characteristics. Moreover, the casino itself can adjust its RTP rate according to its needs. You’re given a choice of slot “generosity” levels ranging from 88.11% up to 96.13%. Additional free rounds with spins have the same conditions for everyone (96.74%). Funds are distributed among people playing online simultaneously. In line with high volatility, money is not frequently distributed but comes in large chunks when it does. 

The Big Bamboo casino game has the following characteristics:

  1. The dimensions of the field are 5×6 cells. 
  2. “Golden” and “Mystical” Bamboo are additional options.
  3. Free spins: 4 to 10 free spins.
  4. Maximum payout ratio: up to 50,000 times.
  5. A bonus purchase option is available.

The Big Bamboo casino game symbols

Fans of the Big Bamboo slot can fully immerse themselves in the delicate theme of the East. They find themselves surrounded by bamboo groves, where various symbols and bonuses constantly appear. The number of machine symbols offers different variable layouts, enriching the gaming process and making it profitable and exciting. The slot features such symbols: 

  • Panda (also known as Wild). The “Wild” symbol is quite rare, but when you get 5 matching images, it allows you to increase the multiplier by x150.
  • Wild Boar. The second most profitable combination, which gives a 20x increase for collecting 5 symbols on the field. 
  • Monkey. Five images in a row boost income by 16 times.
  • Blue Bird. The complete combination significantly boosts profits by 12 times.
  • Card nominal. A complete combination can yield profits up to x0.4 

The simulator also includes bonus sets, among which are: 

  • Mystery Bamboo. The appearance of these images allows you to substitute other missing pictures, including the Golden Bamboo and Panda. 
  • Golden Bamboo. The bonus is activated when an image of the golden bamboo appears on the screen. It may reveal a collector’s item, multipliers, or instant prizes.
  • Free spin options. Offering additional, complimentary spins. You’re granted 4-9 or even 7-9 spins, during which some symbols on the field transform into Mysterious Bamboo. These allow you to spin the prize wheel simultaneously.

With Big Bamboo Demo, you can try to assemble the listed combinations without any financial loss. Each symbol makes the gameplay more interesting and contributes to increasing profits.

How to play Big Bamboo

The gameplay of Big Bamboo is incredibly simple. The slot machine doesn’t require extensive knowledge and gradually unfolds the plot. Let’s discuss the main steps in the game process:

  • Choose a website that features the slot. Opt for a secure platform that holds a license. 
  • Create an account if it has not been done before. This process usually takes only 5-10 minutes.
  • Get free spins, deposit Big Bamboo demo bonuses, and other gifts from the casino offered to newcomers. This will allow you to extend your gameplay in the future.
  • Find and head over to the Big Bamboo slot. Often, it’s located in sections like “Recommended,” “Slots,” or similar ones. 
  • Choose an appropriate bet size. Often, the amount ranges from 10 cents to 100 euros per round. 

Next, we can proceed to spin the wheel.

The Big Bamboo demo

To avoid spending money on gaining experience in the game, you can take advantage of the free Big Bamboo demo version. This will allow you to understand the rules and determine if this type of slot machine suits your style. You won’t need to log in because many casinos provide access to slots without any additional user requirements. To test your skills with Big Bamboo Demo, simply click on “Play demo for free” or a similar button. Gradually familiarize yourself with all the nuances of the slot.

Strategies for playing the Big Bamboo casino game

To bank on a substantial return in Big Bamboo, you need a clear strategy. No scenario guarantees constant profit, but some tips can increase your chances of winning: 

  • Set your limits. Before you begin, determine the amount of money you’re willing to part with. You shouldn’t gamble with money which loss would lead to serious problems.
  • Learn the game rules. Before investing real money, try out Big Bamboo’s demo slot. This way, you’ll learn more about Big Bamboo demo bonuses and understand its dynamics better. 
  • Indicate your bet size. Choose an option that will allow you to stay in the game as long as possible. 
  • Don’t turn down Big Bamboo demo bonuses and various surprises from the casino. This way, you’ll start with a larger bankroll and increase your chances of additional rewards. 
  • Set an alarm or clearly define when you’ll leave the casino. You shouldn’t play Big Bamboo without time limits. Take breaks from the slot to do other things periodically. This will help maintain a clear mind. 

We’ve outlined the Big Bamboo casino game algorithm, which will help optimize your expenses and time consumption. Beyond that, everything depends on you. Keep track of the frequency of bonus rounds and avoid trying to recoup losses fervently.

The Big Bamboo bonus game

Big Bamboo is a slot game that offers players many Big Bamboo demo bonuses, significantly boosting potential profits. These features also add intrigue and increase your chances of landing the coveted combination. For instance, if you have three or more “Scatter” images on the table, extra free spins are awarded. The number of free spins depends on how many scatters appear and does not exceed 20. 

Thanks to the “Wild” symbol on the reels, you can replace unsuitable images with those desired by the player. This makes it easier and quicker to collect the necessary combination. The Wild image will help simplify the process of forming winning sets. 

At Big Bamboo Casino, the “Risk-game” is an important element. It offers you the chance to double your current winnings. To do this, at the end of each round, you need to predict which color will start next (black or red). By making the right choice, you can increase your profits twice. However, any mistake leads to losing all prize money from the previous draw.


Like any other slot, Big Bamboo has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to know about them even before playing for real money.

FAQ: Big Bamboo

What is the Big Bamboo casino game like?

Big Bamboo is a prime example of masterful balance between visual appeal and rigorous mathematical calculation. The ability to use the advantages of the game will allow you to effectively use the volatility of the slot. A range of the Big Bamboo demo bonuses will gift you with an enriching gaming experience and the opportunity to multiply your bet significantly. The massive winning potential attracts individuals looking for quick wealth accumulation. 

The Big Bamboo slot is appealing to both the adventurous and cautious alike. After all, you can adjust volatility to your desired level if necessary. To reap maximum benefits, it’s crucial to approach the conquest of the bamboo forest with discipline.

Can I play Big Bamboo on mobile devices?

Yes, Bamboo Slots are optimized for both computer and mobile device gameplay. The adaptive design eliminates any viewing discomfort on screens of different sizes. There’s also a special app that can be installed on your gadget.

What is the minimum and maximum bet amount in Big Bamboo?

The limits of bet amounts in Big Bamboo are set by each individual casino. Therefore, you can choose a casino that suits your financial conditions. But before playing for real money, practice with the Big Bamboo demo version first.

How volatile is the Big Bamboo game?

High volatility is a distinctive feature of this slot machine. Therefore, experts recommend first trying your hand at the free Bamboo Demo slot. Once you’ve gained the necessary experience, you can start chasing profits. Moreover, volatility has its advantages – it brings infrequent but large payouts. So learn the rules in Big Bamboo and embark on an exciting journey through the jungle for a big win.

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